Disc Repair



 Fix your scratched 

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Our PROFESSIONAL Equiptment will make your scratched and skuffed disc's look good as new

      While many other retailers will try to sell you INSURANCE or to spend money on another copy of the same game. Our store has PROFESSIONAL equipment to REPAIR your discs with out wasting your money.

     Our machines are not just a buffer, they are full service machines... to both clean and repair your valuable discs! Fast - cleans in less than 1 minute... repairs most discs in 3 minutes or less. The liquid-cooled process safely removes even deep scratches without harming the disc. No heat!

     Discs are perfectly restored, clean and dry right out of the machine. Save time! Save money! No hand finishing or wiping discs required. Patented micro-abrasive pads provide the highest quality finish...no other process comes even close!

In-Store Disc Repair  
PlayStation 1 Disc Repair    $5.00
PlayStation 2 Disc Repair    $5.00
PlayStation 3 Disc Repair    $5.00
Nintendo GameCube Disc Repair   $5.00
Nintendo Wii Disc Repair   $5.00
Nintendo WiiU Disc Repair   $5.00
Sega CD Disc Repair   $5.00
Sega Satun Disc Repair   $5.00
Sega Dreamcast Disc Repair   $5.00
Microsoft Xbox Game Disc Repair   $5.00
Microsoft Xbox360 Game Disc Repair   $5.00
 Microsoft XboxOne Game Disc Repair   $5.00
NEC TurboGrafx Game Disc Repair   $5.00
Phillips CD-I Game Disc Repair   $5.00
Panasonic 3DO Game Disc Repair   $5.00
Atari Jaguar Game Disc Repair   $5.00
Other Game Disc Repair   $5.00
Audio CD Disc Repair   $5.00
DVD Movie Disc Repair   $5.00
DVD Data Disc Repair   $5.00